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wth! borderlands messing up my ps3?


ok so i got borderlands about a week ago and everything was working fine, in fact i almost beat the game with my brother. and then i made another character and got him to lvl 30 something. however decided to go back to my other character for a 2nd playthrough. and got all the way to lvl 45 when i started to have problems.my ps3 would randomly freeze. the music in the background would just freeze and keep going like a broken record. i tried turning off my ps3 every way i knew how none worked so i had to resort to flipping the ps3 power switch. then when i turned it back on the ps3 of course yelled at me and said may lead to corruption or something, so i played some more and 2 more times it froze and i did the process over. then i started my ps3 up AGAIN but then it wouldnt read disks. so i restarted the right way of course again.and i played a little and it froze again.so i tried playing a different game (madden 09) however after a little bit it started to freeze. now whenever i play any of my games my ps3 either says it cant read the disk or it freezes.is there any way.ANY way that i can fix this? please! i know this is a long post and thats because im sooooo frusterated! *sigh* DONE!

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  1. Hi, this sounds very familiar. I was playing borderlands yesterday with a friend on his PS3 system. Al of a sudden the game freezes! We tried to restart the console, but it wouldn’t read the disc anymore! Tried to reset with the power switch, trying an other game, but nothing happened. The console doesn’t read disks no more.

    What the hell is wrong with that borderlands game?!! It’s haunted I guess.

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