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xbox 360 live downloads.?


Hi, I’m downloading a demo on my xbox 360 via xbox live. The download is takes a long time to transfer. Is this normal for demos and trial games?

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  1. a few things determine the speed on the xbox live downloads, you said your downloading a demo:

    1. the size of the demo, as some xbox downloads are well over a gigabyte in size, and thats actually a rather large file.

    2. the current connection speed, which is just how good/fast your internet connection is running at.

    also, if you go and play games while still downloading the demo, sometimes the download will stop or just run at half speed.

    there are settings you can tweak in the dashboard to make it download when the system is no longer in use then it will power off the system after the file is finished. that is what i do, set it going, head to work, and whe i get home i power up my 360 and all my new content is there.

    let me know if you want help setting that up.

  2. It actually is probably your internet connection. usually when the connection is really crappy, that is sometimes the problem.

    Other than that, can’t really help you.

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