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Can i use a new xbox slim powerbrick of 120watts instead of the 135watt , for my 4gb xbox console?


on black friday, walmart had a huge discount on the xbox consoles , thus i bought one for my brother, and i noticed that the 250 gb xbox slim had a 120w, powerbrick, and mine had 130w, i was just hoping if i can exchange it from the one he has towards mine, Would it still function? Be better? cuz mine’s makes a loud noise and 120w doesnt. MY BRO is AN A$$Ho13.!! btw.

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  1. No you can’t. Your Xbox Console needs at least 135watts of power to operate correctly. Giving it lees then the minimum power might cause it to not work correctly or even over heat as it is trying to use all the power. The reason why the Xbox 360 Slim needs less power is because it is designed to use less power. It was made to save energy, not over heat, and not to get red-rings of death often. You can’t switch the power bricks.

  2. No, you can’t. If our console needs 135W of power, then you need to use at least a 135W power brick. Your brother’s console could use yours, but your console can’t use his.

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