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GTA 4 Liberty City, PS3?


I’m about to buy a PS3 40GB (I already have the GTA 4) my question is does the game itself crash or freeze once loaded during the single player mode? I mean I ain’t gonna use the multiplayer function. I’m just gonna play the missions like I did with San Andreas

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  1. The game could freeze on 60gb and 40gb models (20gb somehow escaped). It was a major bug that could sometimes kill the actual console as well.

    EDIT: Rockstar introduced a patch that has fixed the majority of the problems. Most 60GB consoles have been reported working but as the guy below said some 40GB models may still suffer.


    –Rockstar also said that deleting your game data and reinstalling everything related to the game again will fix the problem.

    –People have also said signing out of the PS network does not make the game freeze so try this

    To download the patch you must be signed in online to the PSN. Just boot up the game and a message appears saying ‘an update is available’ – you have to download it before playing. Its 18MB in size and doesnt take too long on a good connection.

    However, if your game does freeze and mess up your console Sony’s 1 year standard warranty will include a repair or exchange for a new system.

  2. Both of the 2 other people are wrong. It does freeze on the 40GB even after the patch. I have a 60GB and it never froze, but my friend has not been able to get passed the 1st mission, even after the patch (he has a 40 GB). That said, he tries to play multiplayer all the time, so it could be that the patch now eliminates the concerns for single player.

  3. Disable the information board (after you get the ps3 and after you run update the information board will be in the top right hand corner of your ps3 main menu) and sign out of the psn network then play the game. We have the original ps3 60 gig and it hasn’t froze yet.

  4. Apparently, the game only goes havoc when played in the 60GB version of PS3! Sony Inc earlier said that the GTA 4 only crashes on certain 60GB PS3s. But, now the game crashes on all 60 GB. Luckily, Rockstar have relesed a patch to fix the problem. Visit Rockstar’s web to find out. You can download the fix at the system’s online PlayStation Network. And also, the game was rumoured to freeze on several 40 GB PS3s as well!

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