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How Can I update my Xbox 360 Console?


I have a xbox 360 Elite and it is cracked(modded console) , so i can play burned games, now i want to update my console in order to play new games, is there any problem with updating the console and crack? am i still able to play burned games if i update my concole?

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  1. it depends entirely on to what ectreme you have modded your box 😀

    i myself have a case modded (with pretty LEDS and plexiglass view holes) xbox and it has been flashed to play backed up games (which is legal as long as i own the original so HUSH haters 😀

    also i play mine onlione pretty much ALL the time and have done for like 2 years, its been through numerous updates and works perfectly because it is usually your DVD drive that is flashed not ur xbox (unless u have an xecutor switch/chip in your box.

    So find out what kind of mod u have, and then u can decide,

    flashed = yes play away online and update all u like

    Installed/soldered hack = ive no idea, i presume would be safer to disable chip first and then update so u dont get banned from XBL

    as far as updating goes in terms of preventing ur chip from playing copied games then i dont see microsoft bothering with that type of update coz its not a massive problem for them 😀

    hope this helps,i think u shud be safe alot of my friends have mods and all play online and update anhd have no problems :DD

    good luck

  2. If you just flashed your xbox that is a hardware modification and updating will not affect your flash if you installed some software that probably won’t be deactivated if your just updating a game

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