Home Xbox Forum Is XBOX going to come out with something like Wii Fit?

Is XBOX going to come out with something like Wii Fit?


Just wondering if it was pattened or something. hoping they would “catch up”–if you will– and try to compare to their competition. I really dont want to go out and buy a whole new system just because I want one game/function. Does anyone know how to get around this? Or, if I cannot, does anyone know how I can get the “cheapest/yet sensible” Wii and Wii Fit? Thanks in advance, Stace

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  1. they are coing out with Project NATAL which 3rd parties will probably make games for it as fitness games, but really, doing go hoping a videogame is gona help you lose weight

  2. yea. its called project natal. basically its a really advance camera bar that detects your full motion. So instead of waving a wand or standing on a scale. it’ll read your entire body movement. Im positive once they release this project natal. Flocks of developers will make games similar to wii fit. its just there wont be any scales to boot.

    it’ll be released sometimes this year.

    hopes this help! if its nothing like wii fit to you. just buy a wii, and wii fit if thats all ur looking for. theres hundreds of games thats well worth playing on the wii.

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