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Why won’t my PS3 open?


I am touching the eject/open button to allow a game to be played but it won’t open for some reason. It beeps three or four times really fast when I touch the button, but it will not open. Help!

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  1. That means there is no game in the disk drive. Try to put a game in the disk drive, if it goes in, then you just didn’t put a game in yet, but if there is a game in there, and it isn’t ejecting, call Sony tech support and get it fixed.

  2. Nothing opens. the Disc will be sucked into the system or spit a disc out. ;-/

    Just slide the disc into the slot.

  3. theres no disc tray or epening

    theres a slit in the front and you slide the disc into it

    if it makes several beeping sounds when you press eject its because it has no disc to eject

  4. Whenever you touch the eject button on the PS3 and it beeps a few times, that means that there is no disc in the PS3. Whenever there is a disc in the PS3, there will be a blue light beside the green light.

    Like the other guy said, the PS3 will suck up the disc and eject the disc like a car CD player, there is no disc tray.

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