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Can a ps3 be fixed if it overheated?



  1. yes, in a similar way to RROD on the xbox, the cpu & gpu’s can be reflowed to fix the problem. If the cost is worth it, is another matter.

  2. It’s easy, you need

    Some good thermal paste

    Heat gun

    phillips screwdriver star

    Alcohol spirit

    None static cloth, or ear buds

    Torx screwdriver

    Something to put screws in I used about 7 small plastic tubs

    A vacuum cleaner ( gets the rest of the dust off)

    Follow the link bellow as a guide.

    My only tip, take a photo of where all the screws are at before you take them out so you know where they were before taking them out. Just till you know what you are doing.

    Some ps3 are different, but if you know what you are looking for you will be fine. If you having got a clue what you are doing, then find someone who does or get someone to help you.

    Warning though, it will void your warranty but if you don’t have one, then go for it, what have you got to loose. Also remember it is only a temp fix, it could work for 1 hour 1 week, 1 month , 1 year or 1 lifetime

    Have fun and good luck ,

  3. If its ylod then do the hair dryer technique (YouTube it) to get data but it can be repaired but I would buy a new one or wait for ps4

  4. Possibly. You’d have to know exactly how / why it overheated. If it’s just something like needing a new fan or new thermal compound, that can be fixed. If the motherboard fried, then that’s not fixable.

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