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Can I use anykind of bluetooth on the ps3?



  1. If you are referring to a bluetooth headset, yes. If you are referring to any bluetooth device, no. You can pair any bluetooth device to the PS3, but not all devices will work, such as a phone with bluetooth enabled. A PS3 will accept bluetooth devices such as Headsets, Keyboards, and mouses. And any brand of those devices will work with the PS3.

    For example- If you had a Motorolla Bluetooth Headset, you can pair and use it with the PS3. It doesn’t need to be an official PlayStation brand bluetooth device.unlike xbox 😉

  2. You can use ANY kind of bluetooth headset. You dont need the official PS headset. You can also use USB headsets/ mics on the PS3. Although I can say that the official headset is pretty good, have it myself.

  3. If youre talking the blue tooth mic, I think they will all pair, but! Check out the playstation official Mic. Its the only Mic that will give you a battery life indicator and automatically pairs when you plug the usb cord in. When its in the stand charging you can use it as a desk Mic. Defiantly worth the 50 bucks. And also can work for your cell phone

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