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Changing/Resetting Password for PSN restart.?


I got a new slim ps3 because just before the the whole Anonymous attack happened i got the YLOD (Yellow light of death- tried to fix it, made it worst LOL)

Now I’ve heard that if you’re account isn’t created on the ps3 that you own then you can’t reset the password or something like that?

Anyhow, I tried to sign in- got the “this is not valid anymore” message to reset it (it’s mandatory, everyone gotta do it) and they said they’ll send me a reset password instructions to my email (which they’ve got). I did this 2 hours ago and I’m wondering if this has anything to do with my current PS3 not having the account originally created on it, as they did say that I wouldn’t be able to reset it on the PS3 which hasn’t had the original account created on.

Are they just really busy sending out emails? Is it because the account wasn’t created on my current PS3?

Sorry if i don’t make much sense, Englich isn’t my best language.

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  1. They said they will be sending multple Emails but some people may them later than others. Ifu don’t want to wait than u can go to the Playstation website & sign in there, when u sign in on the site it will ask you to change your password, after your password has been reset go on your PS3 sign on to PSN, with your new password this should work, hope the tip helps 🙂

  2. yes , you’re correct

    if trying to change the password on another ps3 other than the one your account was activated on before the outage you are required to confirm by e-mail verification you are the person that actually owns the account

    that’s to stop something from using your information to steal the account on another ps3. they’ll send an e-mail to the address used on the account.

    they may not e-mail everyone right away so if you haven’t received one yet then be patient or check your spam box in case it accidentally get sent there.

  3. The same thing is happening to me Swag. Lol.

    Im trying to change my password but I keep getting that psn is undergoing maintenance message.

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