Home Playstation Games Classic Sega Game Altered Beast on PS3 in HD 1080p

Classic Sega Game Altered Beast on PS3 in HD 1080p


Classic Sega Game Altered Beast on PS3 in HD 1080p


  1. ahh,i loved this game,it gave a real feeling of Greek mythology and ancient Rome,i got this bundled with the mega drive back in 1991,genesis to you US peeps,it was short and the graphics were not great but the game was unique i enjoyed the story line though not used enough but a time where men were warriors and gods ruled the earth well it depicts a Spartacus kind of feeling to it yet has the element of god of war also,this should come back in a new hd next gen form,not the abomination from 2005,no 2d like this but better new hd graphics with a face lift on the story behind it,they did it with castle of illusion why not this

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  3. Hey Ashe, if it's not too much trouble do you think you could help me with a trophy for this game? I would try getting it with other people, but it seems no one is really aware of this game on the PS3 or something. The trophy I want help with is the play an online co-op game, and that's all I need! 

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