Home Videos Console Wars: Xbox One vs PS4 vs Wii U (Round 6)

Console Wars: Xbox One vs PS4 vs Wii U (Round 6)


Console Wars: Xbox One vs PS4 vs Wii U (Round 6)

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  1. Guys he owns a Xbox and ps4 he don't like Wii u so he want Xbox one and ps4 to win so fuck this

  2. I just got the ps4 for kingdom hearts,bloodborne,god of war,(well for the exclusives) and most of my friends are getting ps4s this year as well.Still doesn't mean i will try to get a xbox one for it's exclusives some other time just not now.

  3. PlayStation now 50 million + n it still going strong. they will be breaking the PlayStation 2 number for sure.
    i love you PlayStation

  4. shame on you Fanboys you all forgot the true meaning of fandom . we should take joy in our favorite consoles (or PCs) not argue about them

  5. PlayStation brand has great exclusive games and great 3rd party support. Xbox despite its small sales has no exclusives and third-party support. Nintendo has exclusives but no third-party support guess who's failing Nintendo. Nintendo also killed the Wii U with its horrible YouTube policies.

  6. I hope the next episode of he actually describes what the PlayStation pro has under the hood I guess he has no choice but to do that but there's nothing to compare it to because the Xbox Scorpio is not coming out anytime soon.

  7. Anyone remember the Wii?
    Mine died about a year ago, but the quality was just absolutely horrible for the time- equal to $200 tablet quality today

  8. the thing about that is games on the consoles and PC can and will be better looking bigger map etc

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