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copying data on a PS3?


How do you go about copying data from the HDD on a PS3 to a new HDD. I am upgrading my hard drive from 60 to 250 and want to copy all my videos, games, music

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  1. You can copy the data onto your PSP, USB flash drive, or onto an external hard disc. After that, you just got to put it all back onto the new one.

  2. okay basically it takes 3 hard drives to do this. you need you hard drive in your ps3 the one you are upgrading to and another one to backup data to. you want to back up all the data onto the hard drive you will not be installing because as soon as you put it into the ps3 it gets formatted so you lose everything. if you don’t have a separate hard drive ask a friend to borrow one and you can back up his data on your computer. the hard rive you use to back up must be FAT 32 format in order for the ps3 to recognize it. after you back up your hard drive then install your other one and retrieve the data from it

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