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Demon’s Souls – Pure Bladestone & XMB Theme


Demon's Souls - Pure Bladestone & XMB Theme

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  1.  can't farm this shit anymore, this is impossible for me, more than 500 runs and nothing. Can someone give me this stone please? I'm lvl 204 and I play the french version (EU). id : Le_Soil

  2. if anyone need purebladestone i can give it. say in the message its for demon souls
    psn: Turkishemperor

  3. Is there anyone that could help me and give me a pure bladestone? add me on psn Dagel86 i play on EU ver of demon´s souls 

  4. I get it by farming 30 DAMN FKING HOURS in 3 days Stupid game, amazing but this Pure Bladestone stuff is BS

  5. Anyone who has many pure bladestones and is willing to give one away, my psn account is Xed51 and I play on european servers. I grinded for this thing for two weeks with no results. If you can lend me the best weapon with bladestone I think it would be the same thing and I will give it right back. Thank you. My level is 242. 

  6. @ghostgoodboy i have a foe's ring but im level 207 so you're gonna have to level up like another 15

  7. thank god .. i have more than 60 pure bladestone .. any one need some ..
    add me.. my SL 272 my psn is( katanaspark) .. u must be in range of 272 .. ^_*

  8. Better specify the server and you soul level before showing such generosity.
    I need a PURE BLADE and borrow FOE'S RING.
    US server SL 182.
    got everything else so let me know.
    PSN: GReeeeN-CanoN

  9. @DavidisJjang1 Hey, I added you on PSN hope you don't mind, if theres any way you can help me with my last few stones would be amazing! I'm guessing theres not much you need from me, but I've got pretty much everything else if you do…

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