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easy question about Xbox Live?


I have a Linksys modem and was wondering if it could be the problem with my Xbox Live thing. I have xbox connect and when I try to connect with live and run the test it says that it can’t find my IP address. anyone know why?
well, it is a wired router, so I don’t know if you really mean weak signal.
Update 2:
meant router.sorry

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  1. If you’re using JUST the modem, you’ll need to turn off xbox and modem, connect, then turn on modem, then turn on xbox. You’ll have to do that when you reconnect it to the computer, too, unless you buy a router that lets you have both hooked up at the same time

  2. Oh, these things are so da* tricky! But you have to be the only one to be on the server. See if that works! GL!

  3. It’s definitely something wrong with your router. Try resetting the router and try again. It’s pretty much just because you have a weak signal. Good luck, hope this helps!

  4. First of all linksys doesn’t make modems.and connecting through a modem is different b/c it is a different NAT and ICMP, IP, and so on so you need to manually enter all of that info!

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