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Flockers Gameplay on PS4 #1 | Let’s Play


Flockers Gameplay on PS4  #1 | Let's Play

New from the creators of Worms™, Flockers is a modern day take on the classic A to B puzzle genre with a generous helping of dark humour for good measure. Held in captivity within the evil thrall of their diabolical masters the sheep are finally making a dash for freedom. But without your guidance they are destined to die in the most horrific ways as they follow each other into diabolical traps, giant meat cleavers, spikes and other deadly obstacles.

Flockers (PS4) Gameplay


  1. When you tried to put that first block it clearly shows that games like this are unplayable without a mouse. 10 seconds struggle with a simplest job..

  2. I'd gladly pay £19.99 for a retail version right now. But for a digital release, you can forget it.
    Looks great, but I'll have to wait.

  3. look at them next gen graphics… LOL

    ive been saying it since the dino ages of computers.
    graphics dont make gameplay, and this proves it. aweful.

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