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Good games for amature PS3 online gamers?


Me and a friend want to play online games but haven’t played much, can anyone suggest any games?

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  1. Paid Games:

    Gran Turismo is a very good racing game for people that are new to PS3

    (If you do get this game I would advise you get the academy edition of the game, It costs a little more but comes with extra DLC (Downloadable Content).

    Little Big Planet 2 is puzzle platformer game in which you can complete the levels that come with the game, but also use the level creator to make your own levels, you can share levels with LBP community, and also play levels others have made. (Due to members of the LBP community having shared their created levels, there are millions to play). You could play multiplayer on levels with friends.

    Free Games:

    There are some free games on the PS(PlayStation) Store:

    Dust 514 is an interesting multi-player game

    There are 2 ways of signing up to play Dust 514 (Registering on PS3 or on a PC)

    If you want to play this game, I would advise you sign up with this link: [url is not allowed] as it is supposed to give people who sign up with it exclusive starter gear, which I think is a Recruit Assault Rifle and 7-Day Recruit Booster (Virtual In-Game Items)

    Another game on the PS Store is DC Universe Online

    Uncharted 3 multi-player is free to play up-to Level 15

    Playstation Home is a good online world (You’ve probably seen this one on the PS3 xmb screen)

    (You may be unable to see/find some of the above free games due to the age associated with your playstation network account, in this case you may want to use an account with a different age)

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