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Hitman – Before You Buy


Hitman - Before You Buy

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  1. ok i wanna get this game but i wanna wait till its fully done all seasons right to the end and not have to buy season after season. im a huge fan

  2. the loading times suck? on my £700 PC with an i5 6400 (which is mediocre btw) it takes 4-3 secs to load

  3. Hitman is struggling to survive but with each attempt you see him die a little more. I wonder how much fans the series will keep at this pace. Blood money was best in my opinion

  4. it's horrendous that they have released the game in this episodic fashion.The game producers do not care about their customers anymore and are just cashing in. Wankers

  5. how many targets do we get per episode? if it's only one, then this is a short game and not worth $60

  6. from playing hitman silent assassin, hitman contracts etc then playing absolution then seeing videos of this what the fuck happened? seems like games are going backwards

  7. I'm not a fan of the look through walls feature.that they added. The original Hitman, Hitman Contracts were amazing.

    I wonder if there would be a way to make a Hitman game with the open world concept. Not sure how it would be done but if someone can figure it out, please create it.

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