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how can i get a ps4 on day one with out a pre order?



  1. Buy one off of someone who is selling theirs on either eBay,craigslist,etc. trust me the internet will be flooded with people charging ridiculous prices for the new consoles.

  2. you could get one off ebay , there will be a bunch online priced at 3 or 4 times the cost the seller paid when they pre ordered , or do what I did when I got my first ps3 on day one , get into the store at the same time as the people who pre ordered one and when you see a few paid for ask the buyers if you can buy it from them for a few hundred extra , I asked a dozen people and paid $300 more than the ps3 was worth but it was cheaper than the $2000 they were going for on ebay. That taught me a lesson to pre order the ps4 early ( which I did )

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