Home Videos How To Pre Order A Game On The PS4 (inFAMOUS Second Son)

How To Pre Order A Game On The PS4 (inFAMOUS Second Son)


How To Pre Order A Game On The PS4 (inFAMOUS Second Son)

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  1. how does preordering work on psn? And what is the difference from buying it when it comes out? i have never preordered anything before so i would like to know the difference

  2. the add to cart was removed from preorders. it just has pre order now and I was going to use a 20% off code

  3. Please awnser i wanna pre order battlefield 1 do i just do what you did and when it releases it will just take the money or ask me to pay?! And do i have to go to gamestop or something or do i just get it digital? Thank you

  4. Uh hi, I have a question. I'm kinda new to ps4 and I wanted to preorder a game on it, but I was wondering if it takes your money from a credit card or if it could take it out of a play station store card. (I've been a gamer my whole life, but even after months of having the ps4 I never got the cards cause I was always with Xbox. Sorry, I feel dumb for asking that question)

  5. hey I have a question… I just got my ps4 today been with xbox for years so needed to give ps4 a try.. so since cod is with ps.. and the new cod is coming soon can I pre order it with the dlc just like xbox store?

  6. Hello there, i was wondering if i can pre-order Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition ( requires imminent payment) can i pre order it with psn gift cards after i reedem the cards? Thanks and sorry for my bad english :)

  7. I want to pre order Fifa 17, and how do you pay it? with gift card or what? and when should pre order it? minutes before it releases or?

  8. this helped me suprisingly alot cause i will pre order south park fractured but whole and i had some guestions so thanks

  9. In India I didnt need money for it!!! I cant believe i got pre order games for free!! How is it possible?!?!

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