Home Playstation Forum how to turn on.?

how to turn on.?


the remote control for the ps3?

my brother let me play but he forgot to turn it on for me before he left and he dosent have his cell phone with him help


i forgot

i thought that was just a little design that didnt do nothing lmao durr.

thanks i choose you as best answer but i have to let this pass until for 4hours so i get to choose you best answer
Update 2:
anyone here have



im playing right now

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  1. it should already be turned on and their shoould be a button that turns on/off the control or just plug it inthe ps3

  2. just turn on the main swith at the lower left of the console and in front there will be a red light after you can either press and hold on the power logo sign or you can just press the ps button. 🙂

  3. 1. Press the center button while ps3 is on. The button is clear and is on the center of controller.

    *you should find it fast press it then 4 lighs will bloink then stop blinking and its on.

    Happy Gaming

    EDIT: I have resistance

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