Home Playstation Forum my ps3 red light is blinking what to do?

my ps3 red light is blinking what to do?



  1. well.some where i heard ps3 have a yellow light if it’s be turned on that’s mean ur ps3 is died.

    but while ur talking about a blinking red light.i guess that’s not a problem at all dude.u better send it to sony and ask them what happened to the system.but im pretty sure ur system is ok.may be some wire or some electronic failure’s which could be fixed.

    don’t worry man

  2. Red or Yellow.

    Red Blinking might have something to do with Cables, you could try to see if you can put the cables right.

    If it is yellow though then it is the dreaded Yellow Light of Death. And well Sony can fix that.for a price!

    But first try to see if the cables are all right hooked up 🙂

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