Home Xbox Forum My Xbox keeps freezing and i don’t know why?

My Xbox keeps freezing and i don’t know why?


i was playing my xbox one day and out of no where it froze! it does that for every game i play, and i cant even get a match started on black ops 2. can anyone tell me why its doing this?

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  1. It’s probably because of hardware issues. I suggest leaving it alone so it can cool and then trying again, also there are good tips on xbox.com/support. I recommend you go there if your problem persists.

  2. Mine did that a lot for a while, then I turned it on one day and was watching netflix and the screen froze but audio kept playing and it kept on doing that every time I tried to play a game. Now I fix my own Xbox when it breaks by buying old ones from stores to pull parts from but that is a hardware issue so you gotta send that in to microsoft to fix. Might as well be out of an xbox for a couple days while they send you a fixed one than lose your mind trying to play a broken one.

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