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Question! Gameshark for Ps2?


Is it the same as the one for ps1? I mean can you just put it into the system choose/add cheats then play?

Also which is the version for final fantasy 10 10-2 etc.?
Oh forgot I’ also using the ps3 system, have the gameshark for ps1 and it works fine on the ps3
Update 2:
Trying to find out if I can just get the ps2 gameshark disc and use it the same way as the ps1 gameshark.

My ps1 gameshark works on my ps3 system so would the ps2 shark work as well?

Some places online say it needs internet access?

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  1. im not sure what your asking but you can’t use your play station 1 game shark with your play station 2. but if you have a game shark for you play station two then yes it is pretty much the same you enter in codes ans the cheat should work.

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