Home Playstation Forum Should I buy Kingdom Hearts 2.5 for PS3?

Should I buy Kingdom Hearts 2.5 for PS3?


I played Kingdom hearts on PS2 years ago and barely remember the story. Will I be lost if I start playing the KH 2.5 for PS3? Also, Is it the best KH version for PS3 or is their a newer/older version that is better?

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  1. I would go with 1.5 first just so you can get all the story. It’s really convoluted and confusing so playing 1.5 first will help with your overall comprehension.

  2. I’d start with 1.5 first, as that has Kingdom Hearts 1 and RE:Chain of Memoires, with cut scenes from Days.

    The HD remixes are the best and ONLY versions of Kingdom Hearts for the Ps3.

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