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Should I sell my XBOX360 ELITE to get a PLAYSTATION 3?



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  1. If you aren’t interested in the Microsoft only games like Halop 3, then yes. PS3 has much better graphics and free online gameplay. (w00t) Here’s something else to think about, the 360 has a quad core processor.the PS3 has an 8 core processor. In your face Microsoft.

  2. nope. 360 has better games and you need to bu a 70 dollar cord to get 1080p like you get with your 360. and MGS4 will be PS3’s best game but thats all, it’ll be nothing compared to gears of war 2 or fable 2

    heres an edit for the PS3 fanboy at the bottom and the question asker.

    Instead of repeating marketing blurbs, you should inform yourself better. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about.

    BluRay has several disadvantages for games (slow seeking times, wich makes it neccessary to have game data duplicated on the disc, or you have to install it on the HDD for better loading times.

    The “rich colors” on HDMI 1.3 won’t be recognizeable on payable TVs.

    Furthermore, the Xbox 360 outputs the same colorspace in game renderings as a HDMI 1.3 connection. The color information has to be encoded into a BluRay MOVIE. In games, all colors are the same, as they are calculated realtime by the graphics hardware.

    The Xbox 360already has several great exclusives, that won’t make in on the PS3, since it has not enough graphical bandwith to display it, no matter how much space the BluRay disc has. Unreal Tournament III has to be graphically reduced, so the PS3 can run it.

    And as for the BluRay size: Look at the PC. Although the PC has large harddiscs, even complex games like Crysis take up less than 8 GB of space.

    Google “Farbrausch” and “kkrieger” (with 2 “k”). This is a first person shooter that only is 96kbytes small.

    Those who need BluRay for games either fill it with bloated video cutscenes or are unable to code well.

    As I said above: The memory bandwith of the PS3 will limit the ability to have better graphics than the Xbox 360 has. BluRay or not.

    No matter how long you give developers: if you have only 256MB of main memory to use, and the transfer to the graphical framebuffer is capped at less than 50GB/ second, there is no way in the world, the PS3 will ever be graphically superior to the Xbox 360.

    Learn to code and try to program graphics. You will see what I mean.

    The 300 games released will also mostly be released on Xbox as well.
    So you asked for 5 reasons. I don’t need to work hard for this:

    Reason 1:

    Multimedia support.

    Bored by the In-Game music? Hook up your iPod or USB thumbdrive to the Xbox or play MP3s from your PC or the Xbox HDD.

    Then launch a game.

    The Xbox automatically mutes the game’s music and keeps sound effects. So you will still know what’s going on in the game while rocking out to your tunes.
    Reason 2: Service:

    Your Xbox 360 gets the Red Ring of Death? Call toll free Microsoft hotline.

    In less than 2 Weeks you get your console replaced.

    Sony denied a warranty repair because the PS3 was “dusty”. (read the link below).

    Reason 3: Graphics:

    I stated it above, and I’ll explain it here.

    The PS3 has a bandwith to the graphical framebuffer of about 50GB/second.

    Even the most basic 3D graphics calculations like Z-sorting (wich object is behind another) and color filling take up about 60GB/sec of graphics data for a High Definition image.

    The PS3 needs to get around this bottleneck by compressing the graphics data, before it can send it to the framebuffer.

    The Xbox 360 has almost 280GB/sec of Memory bandwith. This way the console can not only do Z-Sorting with transparent objects, but also High Dynamic Range rendering, Full-Screen Anti-Aliasing and Bump Mapping all at once and still have enough memory bandwith left.

    So there is no way in the world, the PS3 will have better graphics. No matter how talented the coders get. You can’t push a truck through a needle eye.

    Reason 4:

    High Definition without BluRay or HD-DVD.

    I connect my Xbox to my Windows PC. This way I was watching 300 in High Definition 720p without any BluRay or HD-DVD drive.

    By the way: Those who say 1080p is way better than 720p: Do some simple math. A perfect human eye can differentiate two pixels at a one metre distance, if they are more than 0.2mm apart.

    This means: on a 32” TV you need to sit closer than 20cm in front of your TV to see a difference between 1080p and 720p.

    Or the other way around: if you sit at a comfortable 2 metres away from your TV, your TV must be over 2 metres high and 3.8 metres wide for a perfect eye to see a difference between 720p and 1080p.
    Reason 5: Community features.

    Even with the free silver membership, I can contact my friends on Xbox anytime I want.

    I can even chat to PC users.

    No matter what I do: playing a game, watching a movie, listening to music – I pull up my friend list and chat away.

    On the PS3, I need to close the game I’m currently playing to read a message.

    Or I’m limited to talking to those players, that are in the same match as I.

    Do you want more reasons?

    Controllers rumble right away, with the XNA studio you can write your own games on the Xbox 360. The PS3 allows Linux, but you *can’t* use the 3D hardware of the PS3! The Xbox 360 allows you to use it’s full potential when programming it!

    The battery in the PS3 controllers can’t be replaced. If they die after several loading cycles, you need to buy a new controller.

  3. The PS3 is totally worth it. Also, the fact that you listed your question in the Playstation category instead of the Xbox is your subconscious telling you which console you really want 😉

    But seriously its a brilliant machine

  4. Yes, you can do so much more with a ps3

    The ps3 has a.02% ffailure rate. The Xbox 360 has a 33% failure rate, I have heard that the newer Xbox 360 have a 11% failure rate, but that is still extremely high.

    The ps3 also cost significantly less in the short run, it might be more expensive initially you get free online gaming($50 a year on Xbox, though it does have more features, But wouldn’t you rather buy a game), built in wireless Internet($100 extra on Xbox), hard drives are cheaper 120GB for Xbox is $179.99 for the same price you could get a 320GB for the ps3(almost 3 times the memory) a 120GB for ps3 cost less than a 20GB for the Xbox, a wireless controller with a rechargeable battery and charge cable for an Xbox is $69.99 all the ps3 controllers have that and sixaxis for $15 less ($54.99 for dualshock3), the cheapest wireless headset for the ps3 is $19.99 and you can use it with your bluetooth cell phone(its a bluetooth headset) for Xbox its $59.99, and you have almost no choice but to buy everything from Microsoft so you have very little choice on what you can buy for it. Sony lets you get accessories from many different companies even though they need the money more (they lose about $260 per system because they cost more then they sell them for)

    For the graphics the Xbox and ps3 are almost exactly the same, for now. For the games currently the Xbox has more but not much more. The ps3 will have more either at the end of this year or by the end of 1st quarter next year. since ps3’s bluray disks have 50GB of space and the Xbox only has 9GB on each disk, so the games on the ps3 will probably be better and it has greater potential for really good games. The real good games will be Haze, MGS4, Gran Turismo 5, Resistance. Xbox games are not cheaper, they start at $60 just like with the ps3. I wonder why Xbox games are just as expensive as ps3 games, they use last gen technologies and apparently it is easier to make them, it is just Microsoft making a big profit. As far as the future potential of the systems go the Xbox is almost at its full potential right now, about 90% (in games, graphics and really everything else), while the ps3 is only about 10% of its full potential.

    The ps3 has tons of free stuff like themes and demos you can download. The ps3 will have more features than Xbox Live by firmware upgrade 3.40

    the online gameplay is the same on both consoles, it really just depends on the game.

    yes you do have to buy a wifi adapter for the Xbox, it is $100

    By price

    Xbox 360 Elite:

    Console: $450

    Online Gaming: $50 (1 yr at its cheapest)

    Wifi adapter: $100

    Rechargeable battery and charge cord: $20 (per controller)

    Media card reader: $30

    Total: $650 +$50 per year & $20 per controller

    Ps3 80GB:

    Console: $500

    Online gaming: FREE

    Wifi: Built in

    Rechargeable battery and charge cord: All controllers come with it

    Media card reader: Built in

    160GB Hard drive: $110

    Total: $610

    MGS4 will be SO much better than Gears of War 1 or 2

    one of the guys below me said that the Xbox 360 had a quad core processor, it only has 3 cores not 4, the ps3 does have 8 cores, The ps3 is by far the most powerful with its 8 core cell processor running at 3.2GHz per core it only uses 7 cores so that’s 22.4GHz of processing speed with a potential for 25.6GHz (that is a lot of power) the Xbox has a three core processor running at 3.2GHz each that’s only 9.6GHz of processing speed

  5. It really depends on which types of exclusive games you prefer and if you care about the features on the console.

    With Xbox you have of course Gears of War, Ninja Gaiden 2, Mass Effect and Halo 3, then upcoming games like Banjo Kazooie, Gears of War 2, Halo Wars, Viva Pinata 2, Alan Wake, etc.

    With PS3 you have Uncharted, Warhawk, Resistance, then there’s the upcoming games like MGS4, Resistance 2, Socom: Confrontation, Final Fantasy XIII, God of War 3, LittleBigPlanet, inFAMOUS, Tekken 6, Motorstorm 2, Killzone 2, Eight Days, etc.

    There are other things to consider such as Xbox Live vs. PSN, Blu-ray vs. DVD, and many other system differences.

    It’s really your choice, and what you’ll be happier with. We can’t tell you what to do.

  6. damm the guy above really broke it down, now the decision is obvious. These are basically all the reasons why two of my friends dumped Xbox and got a PS3.

  7. absolutly! XBOX is so OUT! The PS3 is the coolest thing to have at this time, it is the game console of our time, XBOX is not cool anymore, some people still love it.but some people are stuck in the past!! I would sell my PS2 for a PS3, but the game Kingdom Hearts is just too cool, and i could never give that up!

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