Home Videos Should You Upgrade To The PS4 – PlayStation 3 VS PlayStation 4

Should You Upgrade To The PS4 – PlayStation 3 VS PlayStation 4


Wondering if you should upgrade your PS3 to the PS4? Well this video should help you decide if it is time to upgrade or if you should wait to buy the PlayStation 4. PS3 vs PS4.

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Should You Upgrade To The PS4 - PlayStation 3 VS PlayStation 4

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  1. quick answer, if you use your playstion for media and music alot then stay with ps3 to store music and movies as well as a stockload of low file sized games. if your only concerned with playing and then deleting games and strictly gaming and graphics go to the ps4. i was highly upset when i got my ps4 on release day that it did nothing my ps3 did and was basically a fucking cheap ass piece of shit shell. but i knew after time the games would kinda catch up to it graphic wise and the freezing has cut down although ps4 is ridilled with blue screens of death. im trying to find a 6th ps3 for my home just because i use them that much for media. its a all around great superior system. ps4 is just made strictly to install games inside and run them. i have a hard time playing new games because i have to delete old ones i aint finished with.

  2. I'm sticking with PS3. I'm not gonna let go of Red Dead Redemption and LBP 1-3. Besides, PS3 games are cheaper. While PS3 games cost $10-$20, PS4 games cost $25+, besides PS3 has free Wi-Fi.

  3. I bought a PS3 because I don't care for graphics that much. You can find amazing PS3 games for only 7 euro, most PS4 games are very high priced such as 50-60 euro for a game. If you're a pro gamer buy the 4, otherwise I would stick with PS3.

  4. The problem lies with the developers and how confused they seem to be in this generation. A few examples are that back in the PS3/360 generation, every developer focused on bringing new games to the market. We had GTA IV, LA Noire, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3 and at the end GTA V from only Rockstar Games alone. We had Assassins Creed, which had a new sequel every year like Call of Duty, it was fine back then, now I just wanna scream at Ubisoft to bring out a sequel for Beyond Good and Evil already! Not to mention another game like Child of Light. We had so many new games like Borderlands, Bioshock, Mass Effect and even some awesome HD remasters from Ps2 games to keep us busy. Now, it seems Sony is heavily promoting the remastering of Ps3 games as if they weren't HD to begin with! Xbox One is trying very hard to get actual new exclusives made, but they can't compete against Sony's huge libary of franchises. Sadly, Sony isn't doing much with their IPs. Many developers will use the excuse that it's harder to make games now due to bigger budgets, but let me tell you that is BULLSHIT! It's very easy to make games, it's just that developers have become very lazy. Rockstar Games have made a massive fortune with all their success in the last gen, so they hardly need to make any new games anymore. I mean GTA IV had 2 awesome DLC stories in the first three years, where is GTA V's DLC? It doesn't exist, it never did. Right now, the future of gaming doesn't look very exciting, especially with Sony's PS4 VR only featuring tech demo's at launch. In short, this generation will be remember as one huge remaster of the previous generation with very few gems to remember. After three years, The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 are the only games that I've been WOW'ed by so far. Everything else in my collection has been whatever or at least decent like Mad Max and Shadow of Mordor. Next year looks pretty exciting, but that's the same thing I said last year about this year, and boy was I DISAPPOINTED. Also, everytime I see an ad for the game 2014 game Destiny, just reminds me how far up it's asshole this generation has turned out so far and it gives me little hope for gaming in the next 4 or so years. At this point, we can only blame Nintendo lol

  5. it hard to get ps4 becuz for me its not yet full development so i wait for the other ps4 update.. and i wish they fix the games on ps3 that can transfer all games on ps3 to ps4. hmmmm

  6. I have a ps3 super slim and it
    lags a lot. Ps3 super slim is a piece of crap. I want the ps4 but I think I am gonna for the ps4 slim or the ps4neo.

  7. Does anyone else feel like the jump from PS3 to PS4 is so noticeably less than from PS2 to PS3? I just stopped using my PS2 last year after 11 years of using it and I noticed such a big jump from that to my PS3. However, I just don't see it with the PS4.

  8. here's what I'm doing…I bought my ps3 a while ago and now I got a 4k TV….why bother with the PS 4…imma wait for the Scorpio or ps5 with 4k gaming

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