Home Xbox Forum someone is selling me a xbox 360 for 200 bucks?

someone is selling me a xbox 360 for 200 bucks?


is this a good deal?

how do i make sure it works?

im new to all this videogame stuff.

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  1. Most likely it doesn’t work right. First off.test it, see how the system works. If he won’t let you test it before buying.then you know something is up.

    Don’t ask to play one game at start up.you play for at least 1/2 hour so that you can make sure the system doesn’t overheat or something like that.

    Try 2 or more games as well.and make sure to look at the system for at least an hour so you can tell if it’s worth it or not.

    1/2 hour per game. 2 games min. (why, it will check to see how well the games work, how well the system works, and also allow you time to save a game so that you can see that this feature is working on the harddrive).

    Also, check the case for cracks, ask him to open it up so you can check the condition of the board.make sure it’s free of cobwebs, dead bugs.or any major signs of damage (cracked mother board or missing fan, severe scratching on the harddrive)

    Make sure to bring gloves with you, (non-powdered latex gloves), Q-tips, rubbing alchohol.so that you can clean anything up that is dirty as well. (don’t get alchohol on the board though.you’ll fry it yourself). By an esd strap as well.so that you don’t fry the board with static electricity. You need to do this.so this way the seller will take you seriously.

    This way you don’t get made into a sucker. (you hook up the esd strap to the metal part of the casing and it goes around your wrists like a braclet or watch). Also make sure you aren’t on carpet with the system open (it builds static electricity up if you are on carpet).

    Check the condition of the games too. Make sure there are no major scratches or cracks in the games, and that the cases and manuals are there. Also check the condition of the controllers.make sure they are well taken care off.no buttons are sticking down and not working.nothing is broken or cracked on it.stuff like that.

    If the system checks out.you are getting a good deal.

  2. If I were you I’d spend the extra $49 and get a NEW xbox 360 arcade for $249.THe 360 has a 33% hardware failure rate and will most likely suffer the red ring of death which Microsoft has a 3 year warranty to fix it for free but you can’t use the warranty on used 360s that you buy unless the person gives you the original receipt and all of their information.

    Just save a little longer and get a new one.

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