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Sony PS4 review


  1. Hey Sony you guys are garbage.. first of all what's up with gimping skyrim mods for the PS4? You ppl run your company like its North Korea, and in the other hand sit there and say… "Greatness Awaits…"
    Proud to say I traded in that BS console and built my own pc. Have fun with your gimped skyrim that was loaded with hollow promises :)

  2. What should I get xbox one or ps4 I have an Xbox one but my dad uses it a lot and I can't play it a lot my cousin has the ps4 and I like it but I also like my Xbox one

  3. these people thats paying a higher price for xbox all your doing is giveing them more money for convenience first games out

  4. ps4 sucks why do we need to pay to go online when where paying for games the system and internet I have one for my son and I will never buy another playstation 50 dollars a year just to play online is stupid so now im going to the pc thank you sony for haveing a hard on for more money

  5. can you please send me a ps4 i want to start a youtube channel soon and i need to get a next gen ps4 so can you msg me if you can give me one or no

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