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Sony PS4 Slim: Unboxing & Review


Sony PlayStation 4 Slim unboxing and review with a comparison to the original PS4.

Pricing & Availability: http://amzn.to/2e5BRVb

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Sony PS4 Slim: Unboxing & Review

Man of Steel 2 reportedly in the works and Sony’s PlayStation event details are just some of the stories you might have missed.

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1) Man of Steel 2 in the Works

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  1. nice vid, quick question, if you have a 4k uhd tv, running ps4 slim, does the game upscaled to 4k res or stays at 1080p? thanks

  2. i dont care if i got a ps4 slim or pro im grateful because some people are never freaking grateful but these ps4s are the damb same just diffrent features and looks

  3. But Man of Steel 2 was Batman vs Superman (the sequel to man of steel) so this would make Man of Steel 3….

  4. man of steel 2 is just them trying to revive the franchise as long as the NEVER make another batwank film is be happy

  5. transformers hell yeah. maybe they should have built more xbox s and i am patiently waiting for a ps4 neo

  6. I feel like coming here more to see Naomi rather then to check the news… But well the combination of games and a sweet voice is always flawless

  7. guys stop being perverted. she is doing her job respect her. but you are not at fault too guys,bcz first SHE IS PLAYBOY MODEL AND SHE LOVE HEARING THIS COMMENTS SECONDLY ign makes her photo in the thumbnail so people come and watch her like me

  8. Thanks God I reserved the last Xbox One S at my local Gamestop the night before I went and purchased it. Love it by the way.

  9. I'm 90% Sure the Collectors edition of Battlefield 1 Will come with the game, just not a disk.
    They did that with battlefront and a few other games on Pc for Retail release

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