Home Playstation Games SPACE HULK DEATHWING Campaign Gameplay Single Player 2017 (PS4/XBOX ONE/PC)

SPACE HULK DEATHWING Campaign Gameplay Single Player 2017 (PS4/XBOX ONE/PC)


SPACE HULK DEATHWING Campaign Gameplay Single Player 2017 (PS4/XBOX ONE/PC)

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SPACE HULK DEATHWING Campaign Gameplay Single Player 2017 (PS4/XBOX ONE/PC)


  1. 'Vengeance guides our weapons!' Must be the name of the softwares the mechanicum use…..oops I mean machine spirit.

  2. wow repetitive much? we're the angels of death… WE !! are the angels of death looks shit any way nothing we haven't seen before

  3. This looks awful. Running 40k terminators??? Might as well just call it COD 40k Warfare. The whole point of space hulk is that you have a small squad of badass heavily armed man tanks, who move at a correspondingly slow speed, that HAVE to play up to their strengths otherwise their enemy, who represent the complete opposite of the terminators; speed, agility, huge numbers, crap/inaccurate long-range armoury, will terminally punish any mistake or gap in formation the Terminators present. the voices feel wrong – Terminators should sound a lot more like ED209 from Robocop, their voices sound too soft in this, though they need to STFU as well cos they also talk a LOT and repeat themselves even more. The weapons sound ok, at least if that's a normal bolter, a storm bolter should sound exactly as it sounds, like a storm of fist sized slugs exploding out the barrel; the assault cannon needs a heavier whine to it as it spins and needs to sound like a minigun on steroids; the psychic powers look like a cop-out, just basic elemental effects you can get in any game with magic or super powers, in 40k they need to represent the fact you are basically tearing reality up to make it do what you want it to using your mind – and enemies should respond appropriately when they are on the receiving end of whatever unnatural end they are forced to endure. Weapon strength seems to be accurate, the 'stealers die suitably quickly when hit – and damn right they should do as every round from a bolter is supposed to basically be a small grenade. Enemies move fast, which is right, but seem a little underwhelming in close combat. If a normal 'stealer gets into combat with even a Terminator, they should wreck some serious damage, but because your marines are deployed so as they can concentrate their overwhelming fire, cover each other and any approaches – the likelyhood of a 'stealer getting in close should be low unless you FU, but you should sh*t yourself if they do get in! This play-through feels like someones completing a tick list of things they were supposed to put into the game but never consulted further on; clunky armour noise – check, guff english voices – check, eerie space-wreck sounds – check, squad-based mechanics – check – yeah, there's a lot of suff they've put in that you can tick off the "must have" list, there just doesn't feel like there's any passion behind any of it….

  4. as pretty much every comment points the sounds could use some work, though i have to say the ambient sounds are amazing, and i dont really have a problem with most of the weapon sounds. gameplay seems solid though, which is the most important thing since a soundpack for a UE4 game is pretty much the easiest mod you can think of. Especially if you can just rip them from DOW or Space Marine xd
    so all in all really looking forward to do some purging

  5. I don't think anyone can move in that kind of funky armor. Actually I don't think any human can fit in that kind of funky armor.

  6. It's refreshing to hear such new and unique lines being read. Each one so distinct and never repeated.

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