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The Best PS4 Headsets – 2016!


The Best PS4 Headsets - 2016!


  1. I bought the Razer Kraken USB and on the pc it sounds great because of razer synapse but on the ps4 it sounds really bad and the Mix Amp is to expensive so should I sell the razer usb and buy another one?

  2. The only problem I have with the after glow one is after a year of so the mic get gets a bit weird starts going all fuzzy and I'm constantly Mabinogion it

  3. What is really good / great headset is Turtle Beach stealth 400. Great mic/wireless/ long battery life. Don't buy tritton Karma they are so bad not worth the money. Small ear cuffs and not comfortable at all.

  4. i've just got an a50 and i gotta say, the sound is superb. compared to my hyperx cloud II's these things sound far better. They're currently on sale at argos and amazon if anybody is thinking of taking the plunge. they were £129.99 on amazon now gone up to £139.99, thats a big saving from rrp.

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