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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Review


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Review


  1. This is one of the best movie games ever. The story might be a bit disappointing, but everything else is a lot better than how IGN reviewed it, and I was mostly pissed off by how IGN reviewed the gameplay and graphics. For a 2009 game, it has some pretty good graphics. The characters had diverse playstyles, because most characters had largely different weapons that did different things, and every character has a special ability that can always turn the tables during a losing fight.

    Overall, this game doesn't deserve a mere 6.0, and should be at least 8.2.

  2. When a Transformers game comes out it gets 6/10 on IGN because is shallow shooting. Than how come IGN gives CoD games 9/10?

  3. I know this is IGN's opinion but really, is it that bad. I mean Wii and ps2 sucks but PC, 360, and ps3, is it really that bad

  4. Listen if you want an actual good transformers game go by the cybertron games created by high moon studios

  5. im not sure what I should do, I can buy transformers war for cybertron on steam for $20 or I could buy revenge of the fallen for $16 what should I do I only want multiplayer?

  6. This was pretty ok game. I liked the multiple characters it gave you the option to play as, I liked sideswipe, optimus (both versions) bee, ironhide, oh cool jazz is in this. Starscream, megatron, soundwave, grinder, I just wish I could play as jetfire and jolt

  7. You just suck at the game that's all. No hate here but you need to get use to the controls and If you get use to the controls then you'll actually give the game a 10/10.
    I don't really think it should be a 10/10 but I give it a 9/10. One problem: too many noobs on multiplayer. 

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