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Watch Dogs – Walkthrough Part 1 (Xbox One)


Watch Dogs - Walkthrough Part 1 (Xbox One)


  1. This is game looks awesome, I know about the downgrade but still looks beautiful on Xbox One.

  2. Runs better on ps4. I finished it on that. I recently bought xbone version complete edition cheap digital and noticed lower resolution and screen tearing… Oh well a great game still.

  3. is this game like GTA? like can you just randomly walk up to people and kill them and take peoples cars whenever you want?

  4. hi I am CJ GAMER 55 I have xbox live for xbox 1 and if you don't mind can I maybe be in some of your videos but I will not be on for a while

  5. i just bought this game and another xbox one game called titan fall…but can you do 3  episodes in a day?  love the graphics pretty cool.. looks like GTA5

  6. Nice gameplay, u have earned a subscriber…don't worry about making mistakes, it makes it more realistic:)

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