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What is Action Henk? : Is it Worth Buying? “Review!”


What is Action Henk? : Is it Worth Buying?

Slide your butt over here and let Red Beard tell you how Action Henk stacks up. You can grab it on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam right now.

A code was provided free of charge for the purposes of this review.

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Action Henk Review - GamerHolics

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  1. Brilliant EA review, nice pace of speech, not 300mph like some reviewers.
    Loved the humorous comments against "Rosie"
    Really well done Sir. Keep em comin!

  2. For a fast-paced platform game, I wonder what it would be like if it has a multiplayer coop mode. :)

  3. Dexter's lab is great. I watch it sometimes on funniermoments.com .
    And oh my gosh this game really takes me back. Nostalgia all the way.
    And yes they should have a level editor with the ability for people to share levels with people.
    That would instantly give this game a longer lifetime.

  4. Great Video! Glad we found you, do you guys like him? Let us know if you'd like to see more of him!

  5. Looks like what would happen if Trials Fusion and Wreck-It Ralph had a baby. Seems fun. I enjoy these kinds of games. It's very Coin-op arcade in spirit.

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