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XBOX 360 4GB KINECT unboxing


XBOX 360 4GB KINECT unboxing

30 de Abril de 2011
10:30 am hora local de Los Angeles

Covertidor de Horas Pasa Saber Aque Hora Conectarte – http://www.recursosvoip.com/comun/worldtime.htm

-3 Grupos de 16 Jugadores
-Primeros 4 de cada grupo pasa a la Final
-Free For All
-Fire Range
-No Killstrek

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MrGamingTec, MrAmigoTec
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Y solo entrar al torneo si puedes estar
conectado a esa hora !!!!

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Twitter – http://twitter.com/#!/MrGamingTec

PS3 Unboxing – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMuIIbVeLSs
PS3 Move – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfNRKzyi_3w

Unboxing y Torneo COD para Xbox 360 ( Kinect ) - Español

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  1. This version is actually a little bit better than the 250 gb since if your not going to play too many games or download too many stuff this version I mean it comes with the game with a Kinect pretty decent I like it

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