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xbox 360 flashing?


i was reading throught this page earlyer and intrested in doing it but i was wondering does it void your warrenty or does it banned me from xbox live etc

this was the site

[url is not allowed]

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  1. Modding your Xbox 360 will not only void the warranty (which is for 3 years now for red ring of death) but it will also NOT let you connect to Xbox Live. Personally, I don’t think it is worth modding your Xbox 360 for any reason.

  2. it depends on how you do it.

    opening the xbox 360 will definetely void your warranty because in order to open the console you have to rip off your warranty sticker. dont bother trying to put it back on becasue microsoft will be able to tell. (they rejected my console dam them!)

    not having the warranty is not too bad just dont muck around with it or it will break.

    now, when you flash the firmware and make burnt games microsoft live system can tell if you are using a burnt game on live or not. but the latest software allows you to make the game backups “stealth” so they go undetected on the live system. you can actualy play backups on live and microsoft will think the game is genuine!

    i have done it and play backups on live all the time

    please give me best answer i just risked my account by giving you illegal info

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