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Xbox One S: 6 New Things It Can Do (And One That It Won’t) – Xbox One Slim


Xbox One S: 6 New Things It Can Do (And One That It Won’t) - Xbox One Slim


  1. LOL I didint read which Xbox One I got apparently, I got S because when I saw the white Xbox I was like "O SHIT THATS WHY THE GRAPHICS SO BETTER THAN MY FRIENDS( Friend has normal Xbox One)"

  2. Sorry but everyone that I know that has owned both these units would disagree with this video, it is useful but that unit is NOT better then the older unit, 200% more crash's this is because it runs a lot hotter, the units range for the new controller was buggy as hell for along time, after 3 FW updates it became more usable, I still use my Halo 5 controller even tho the white one feels better.

    The 4K is not something I can comment on, I don't own any 4K device and no one I talked to with the two units do, But the unit running much hotter and crashing more and costing more makes the unit well a good reason to now go out and get the brick version if you don't own a Xbox One yet as the Xbox One Brick as come down in price.

    On tests over 5 people I know solid full boots are still faster on the old Xbox one's The S bugs out and also have a strange Ethernet Connection error when there is NO cable in for a few moment's on boot up it says there is, making WiFi connection slower as it wont enable WiFi until this part as past.

    I seen posts about it and seen it with my own eyes over a good few devices, the Xbox One Brick can take MUCH more game pay, much more hammering.

    You get a Gaming PC, then cram the same stuff is a smaller case is it a good idea, nope and this is what Microsoft did here, The unit for basic gaming and netflix for a smaller form factor is good but for long gaming for long usage of the unit, the older brick is better, no silly program that detects the small FPS changes can really show real life usage, so far I not met one xbox one to xbox one S user that fav's the S over the older one for real life use, This includes every gaming shop I gone to in the last year since its release, so that small FPS kick means nothing for real gamer.

    Looks, size feel are all pros for the unit and the feel of the new controller. I know your review was based back in Aug's but even when I researched it back then, the facts was all over the internet by this point, when doing reviews like this, maybe take the real life usage in to account rather then the fan boy/states junk's view, states mean jack if they can't live up to the hype.

  3. Hey wtf happened to that free stand Microsoft I bought the one s and it didn't come one you assholes and I saw them at target for 20 dollars bullshit I say bullshit

  4. I traded in my old 1tb Xbox one for the new 2tb Xbox one s and I love it definitely going to try and get project Scorpio as well :D

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