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Games Nobody Played: Kengo: Legend of the 9


I talk about a game you’ve probably never heard of! Kengo: Legend of the 9 (Xbox 360).

This is less of a review and more of a quick look or analysis of the game.

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Games Nobody Played: Kengo: Legend of the 9

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  1. What you said about the game not being to difficult, you just have to play smart reminds me of Hotline Miami (I apologize if I bring this game up a lot, I am a huge fan of it), every form of attack is an instant kill, even to you, there is no health recovery, and people quit rather than just trying to git gud. HM though has received a lot of support and the dev's produced a second game.

  2. I was a fan of the original game for the PS2 and this game does the franchise a LOT OF DISSERVICE i.e. BETRAYAL! Online battles done like amiibo battles on Smash 4 for Wii U, dueling mechanics that make it try to be Kingdom Hearts rather than a realistic depiction of dueling, ugh. Thanks for letting me know to avoid this game like the plague.

  3. This game is by no means meant for everyone.It's a very niche title. You really need to be a fan of Samurai and be sick of "Button Mashing" fighters to enjoy this.

  4. i bought this years ago out of an eb games bargain for 3 bucks. It wasnt what I was expecting (something like Way of the samurai 3) but it was okay :)

  5. I guess I really liked this game BC I am I to Japanese culture and these are all real samurai from history!

  6. The gameplay bares a resemblance to Way of the Samurai 2. Way of the Samurai 2 was fun because you could collect many different swords with different attributes.

  7. It seems the game has a lot of intricacies in it's mechanics, but everything else seems to have either suffered for or been built around it. It's a game built around a sword simulator mechanic, it's sad that the multiplayer had less play and more "watch my AI counterpart lose because somebody went on Easy to get all the good traits".

  8. Dude! You have to make more videos. I feel like you don't have a lot, because I've watched everyone. They are awesome! 

  9. kengo zero was SO weak. i remember pre ordering this at gamestop and they thought i was crazy, the only pre order and i paid full price, maybe 50 (dont think it was 60) despite seeing its ign score of 1 (iirc) before leaving the house to buy it. i couldnt put 10 hours into it, personally i prefer kengo master of bushido on ps2, really fun game

  10. I have played the first Kengo game and it was more like a samurai simulator/ fighting game/ rpg(ish). It wasn't that bad of a game regardless of what everyone thought about it.

  11. dude when you say ONLINE do you mean their is a duel mode pitting one player vs another or what? I don't get it because I just bought the game but see no online multiplayer on the back

  12. I am baffled, I saw gameplay, the clashing, parrying, running with a clash then rolling out of it, seemed really great, I'm disappointed  you didn't go into how that worked, because other than the spamming you mentioned, it seemed really precise and like a lot of fun.

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