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GET EVERY CARD FOR FREE | Magic Duels: Origins hands-on video


Dan Barrett from Wizards of the Coast speaks with Peter Willington (@xeroxeroxero) about how you’ll buy and build your deck in Magic Duels: Origins.



GET EVERY CARD FOR FREE | Magic Duels: Origins hands-on video

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  1. And now you have set limits on how many coins you can earn per day making the game not pay to play but pay to win.

  2. Pay out coins are bloody weak for AI battles, needs more cards (at least this one actually has Planeswalker cards 🙂 ) The interface is way better than Magic 2015 which is is way too annoying and ugly to play… The AI parring on online battles is hopeless and unfair most of the time, AI always draws land,.. But this game the grinding is painful only to win enough coin to buy a pack of cards containing rubbish when trying to build a deck to actually win to get coin…. It's more pain free just playing this casually everyday to get coin in the Quests .. That's if you are able to get enough decent cards in the booster to make a deck worth being able to win in Matched vs… I

  3. yeah the daily cap on farmable gold coins is 200. which makes it far more grindy than it should be as usually they're RIPPING PEOPLE OFF . :D

  4. 96% free. Try if you like, they may even change it, just don't try to buy more over and over in disbelief as I did. After 96%, the store takes your coin but does not progress to the pack opening

  5. If there wasn't a daily cap on coins earned then this would be a great game. You definitely didn't mention the cap in this video either which is a bit misleading, especially considering you said that players could play for 24 hours and earn the same amount of coins.

  6. ya you can say free all you fucking want, but to the fact you have to grind for hours just to get 1 fucking pack of fake cards is horse shit, sell the game for $5 and give us all the cards so we can just dual like we all want t, rather than grind a fucking month to try and get a couple fake cards we want to use, now i'm off to beat the shit out of my son cause he stole my credit card an ran it up $150 all on this one fucking game, actually the more im thinking about it im braking that little fuckers fingers its complete horseshit that the game sells packs of fake fucking cards that have no value, id rather have him steal my card spend 20 get the game and all cards to just play that would be just fine, but no dicks like you make games like this for kids to do this,

  7. The game would be good, except it gets in its own way most of the time to prevent it from actually being that great. The Deck Wizard and Two Headed are the biggest violators in this game. With Two-headed, there are no rewards for victory and connecting with a friend is… well trying. If you do finally get it together, you'll have to fight through wave after wave of possible freezes/disconnects/bugs that demolish any fun to be had. Although occasional things do go through and it is somewhat fun.

    Deck wizard, lol, there is absolutely nothing good to say about the Deck Wizard. If I was Steel or Coast, i'd be so embarrassed by this system i'd fire anyone that had a hand in it, and remove it from the game entirely, or at least till its fixed. It is that bad. The Deck Wizard really should get whoever made it fired. It's the only proper course of action.

    1 vr Ai Is ok. Though it feels like they got lazy and just gave almost every AI white cards to slow you down via removal. It'll become very predictable fast as to how each game will start out. Though it's very easy to get around it, it doesn't take away the fact that it was a lazy way of trying to make the Ai seem difficult.

    1v1 is pretty fun. This part is done right.

    For some reason Mana cannot be tapped in order to immediate cast with it. Even with the ability to draw the mana out of the cards, you have to push ctrl till it uses the mana tapped this way. If you forget just once, you'll be slamming your head in frustration when it uses the wrong mana combination and cannot play the two cards you had planned out. Or no longer able to use counter spell you were saving for your enemy. They should give you the option to tap and play without having to push ctrl.

  8. Can't speak for other platforms but on X1 this game doesn't work … even in November! Started giving me these local and cloud saves don't match messages and then deleted a bunch of cards from my collection that I'd earned from playing through the campaigns. And there's no way out of it cuz deleting my save accomplishes nothing, the corrupted cloud save autoloads to my machine every time. A person would have to be bonkers to actually buy the boosters when the game can glitch out and delete the cards from your collection like this.

  9. "The WORLDS BEST trading card game" After this I decided to tell you that you are NOT making fans with BULLSHIT like that. You are pretty much saying: "Every other card game out there is absolute TRASH and you are retarded for EVER trying another card game other than magic". There is no best GAME or HOBBY. You should rephrase that to:"My favorite card game in existence. That way you won't make people angry…. when you are making videos THINK what you say you made ME angry and I love magic!

  10. so they very clearly say as long as you play you make money but they fail to bring up the bullshit gold limit which ruins the game

  11. I download magic 2015 yesterday got to the paywall and I uninstalled it then I saw this and it made me sooooo happy

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