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infamous wont install ps3?


i got infamous for my welcome back games and i already downloaded it like 9 times

the download is no problem but every time it is trying to install it just says error. i tried everything

i have like 90 gigs of free space on my ps3 so thats not the problem
yea it does suck considering it takes like ten hours to download and keep trying over and over

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  1. That sucks dude! I downloaded infamous and installed just fine. Maybe contact Sony PSN customer support. Good luck

  2. Check your wirless conection if its below 60% it can course problems. go to options scroll right to the bottom, and look for the one that shows the connection.

    If ya connection is bad then move you ps3 closer to the wirless then move you wirless box to a better place, like if its downstairs behind a tv then move it to a higher spot so you will get a better connection.

    however if you have a wired connection or you connectin is fine then i have no idea.

  3. Yeah it takes ages to download and install. What i did was that I downloaded and installed it when you turn off the PS3 and it worked successfully. Try that, if it doesn’t then maybe you should restart the PS3 and then try again. If it still doesn’t work then maybe the download is corrupted or something and didn’t download properly. I don’t know. If you do delete the download and end up downloading it again then follow what the person above me said to do but install and download it when you turn off the PS3. It will say “Would you like to continue background downloading automatically” or something and you check the box.

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