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Nuclear Throne Gameplay Trailer (PS4)


First official gameplay trailer for Nuclear Throne on PS4 !
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Nuclear Throne Gameplay Trailer (PS4). Coming to PlayStation 4, PS3 and PS Vita ! Subscribe now to GameNews to get the latest HD game trailer, gameplay teaser & cinematic video on Game News Official. Nuclear Throne Trailer.

Nuclear Throne Gameplay Trailer (PS4)

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  1. I actually like indie games bc it's nice to take a breather from the games by top developers n some provide new experience n pretty fun

  2. damn what a loads of cry babies…its not like you HAVE TO play this game on your console…you are not FORCED to play it either…its here for the poeple who WANT TO play this game…so then go play your next gen graphics games with poor gameplays

  3. What a lot of you guys don't realize is that a game can be amazing without huge advertizing and next gen graphics. Maybe they put it on the PS4 because its fun for players, not necessarily next gen but still fun. PS means Play Station, not Best Graphics Simulator.

  4. My god you guys are idiots, they already said they're bringing more indie games to consoles because that's what most people want and they can be very successful. You dumb asses are acting surprised at this. It's not the graphics that make the game good either, even if it is next gen.

  5. PS4? bruh,there is PC version and waaay better accurate shooting with mouse than with controler on console…

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, next Gen, better then the PC, exclusive games, blah blah… Where are your Next Gen now, PS players? And THIS exclusive games can you take, I dont need this! XD (— PC player)

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