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Why are Playstation 3 consoles so expensive?!


Why are PS3 consoles so dear? They’d sell more if they lowered the price. I know about everything the PS3 can do but still if the lowered it to about €270. I know that’s a big dip but seriously small prices mean more purchases!

I don’t want stupid answers or smart answers! just civil and proper answers please!

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  1. The only thing I can say to that is if Sony did lower the prices, they would lose money. I understand where you are coming from because yes, they are a lot for a console. But Sony needs to make some profit in the end is all. Would be nice if they did lower it though.

  2. Because they include so much with the console and the fact that it can play games (like MGS4) that are not possible on any other system.

    And it’s only 400$. I don’t know how much that is in pounds put you get the idea. It’s only 50$ more than the 360. And that’s without all the extra stuff you have to buy for the 360.

  3. cause sony are already making a loss for every console they sell.which they try to make up for with games like Resistance and many more. Lowering the price form what it is already could cause them to go bankrupt

  4. It’s mainly because of the blu-ray player. Just check out the prices of all the blu-ray stuff. They are expensive as hell and with the HDDVD out of the market, well prices aren’t going down for some while.

  5. There are some serious technologies under that hood. Actually Sony sells PS3 with a loss, they make money from games and movies.

  6. Because it has all the features and you have to buy 500 trillion extras for the 360. And it’s a lot better and cooler looking than the PS3. Whoever says the 360 is better are jealous of the PS3. I am not jealous of the PS3. I was about to get a 360 pro but I changed my mind and went with a PS3. I am very very happy with it.

  7. yeah they should lower the price i got lucky and won one from ebay 40GB for $150 dollars, try getting one there if your interested in getting one but i do agree with you they should lower the price.

  8. With everything the PS3 does the price is well worth it. Sony losses money on each PS3 they sell. At the time they first came out that was the cheapest Blu Ray player you could find. The games hold more information than the other consoles. My answer is not Tech Savy but it makes sence to me why the price is what it is. After owning a Wii and a 360 buy just trying to buy the cheaper console I have found that I would have saved a whole lot more money had I just gone on ahead and bought the PS3 my PS3 came out of the box ready to play not having to buy game battries Wi Fi or online subscription. To me the price was well worth it

  9. Sony make their stuff out of garbage.

    Their consoles are poorly designed with poor materials, and poorly assembled.not to mention their other electronics.

    This makes them very complex to assemble, and very hard to repair.

    The ps consoles are made from brittle plastic, shoddy and flimsy cable that actually break during dissasembly and everything is clumped together in an orgy mass of boards. The PS3 does NOT have an optical drive by the way.its just a laser and a motor growing out of a board.like a cancer or tumor.
    Look at the Xbox and wii. These systems are very well built.

    Both systems are composed of a distinct motherboard, optical drive and power supply and possibly a hard drive. They are very simple to make, very simple to fix and very simple to dissasembleassemble.thus saving on worker costs.

    (By the way, the Xbox also uses an IBM processor)

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