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CGR Undertow – BACKYARD SPORTS ROOKIE RUSH for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow video game review BACKYARD SPORTS ROOKIE RUSH for the Xbox 360. This is all-new football entry in the BACKYARD SPORTS series from Atari, HB Studios and Humongous Entertainment. This CGR Undertow video game review features BACKYARD SPORTS ROOKIE RUSH Xbox 360 gameplay footage and commentary. BACKYARD SPORTS ROOKIE RUSH was reviewed by CGR reviewer Ray.

CGR Undertow - BACKYARD SPORTS ROOKIE RUSH for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


  1. i just ordered this game for the DS this looked like something that would play good on a hand held hope im not dissapointed 

  2. @SolidSnake684 This game would feel so much better to me if it had Sunny Day and Chuck Downfield still on commentary

  3. secound installment of the series? its the secound installment of no pros. And the 6 or so installment of not being to great.

  4. The originals on the computer were freaking awesome. You know what I'm talkin about if you owned them. So much charm, beautiful presentation, and the feeling of finally winning that trophy at the end. Backyard Football and Backyard Baseball for the PC were, basically my childhood.

  5. @hetfield426 I was cool when it 3d i was fine with that but Infrograms getting bought out, cuasing less competion in the video game world

  6. @hetfield426 my problem is that exactally I'd be cool with a story mode if there was more options then just stacking your team with backyard kids that where only good at creatian circumstances

  7. Ok Imma just say this if your a person like me who has played backyard sports since it existed. You'd have to say that not being able to choose your players is kinda a pain in the ass. I felt like it destyroed creativity of the game (as well as losing its liescine.) Now even though the pros are missing they could have still added more substance.

    To me its missing the original options
    choosing players for teams
    All backyard kids
    The semi realistic playbook (from the earlier part series)

  8. a deep story. It makes you feel for both sides but your forced to choose the socialy accepted group, instead of the lone kid who had to make short term freindships and accepting that he will never see them again after a year or so, and because of that he hides under ingnorant gloats to secretly keep people away so that he may never grow attached to them. His only companion is football in which he work himself to an obsession. Now you are tasked to destroy his dreams for your own selfish desires.

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