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Dark Souls 3 Review


Dark Souls 3 Review


  1. Also AI invaders are really damn easy, and dual wielding is not viable unless it is a dual weapon.

  2. So honestly, how does this stack up to Dark Souls 1 (not demons souls or dark souls 2) don't get me wrong I loved Demon's and enjoyed, though was a little underwhelmed by DS2 (not enough to say disappointed, but it was no DS1) I'm getting my PS4 pro soon (on payday) and Bloodborne and this are must buys, but but my anticipation is killing me!

  3. They con framerate dips while reviewing the game on pc………….. that's not the game's fault….

  4. Does anyone else think it's weird that all the gameplay in this review is only from the first half of the game??? Like perhaps she didn't finish it?

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