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How To GameShare On PS4 Correctly ! 2016 (Tutorial) Gamesharing Explained , Free Games And Content


How To GameShare On PS4 Correctly ! 2016 (Tutorial) Gamesharing Explained , Free Games And Content


  1. Yo mate pls share me any random game
    i can share you fifa 17 demo, re7 demo, trackmania, watch dogs and a 7$ random game

  2. Looking for:
    Mostly want Nioh
    For Honor
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    FInal Fantasy XV
    Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road To Boruto DLC

    I got
    NBA 2k17
    God of War 3
    Cod Black ops 3
    Cod infinite Warfare
    Cod Modern warfare remastered
    Rocket League
    GTA V

    Text me on kik if your interested: Infinite.dbz
    I GO FIRST! If you want to go first don't bother texting me

  3. Hello every game sharer I would like gta 5 or just cause 3 I will trade 2k17 and battlefront Star Wars or even batman arkham knight so my username is YoboiX77 thankyou for reading

  4. i have infamous second son gta5 cod aw driveclub need for speed rivals bloodborne not with dlc assassins creed black flag iv batman arkham city destiny dragon ball xenoverse 1 and 2 j stars watch dogs 2 psn: The7GhosT400 note: i want bloodborne the old hunters i wont share play with anything but bloodborne dlc i go first and i am not stupid just cuz i am 14

  5. can someone gameshare with me all i have is uncharted 4 i just want like 1 game can someone gameshare

  6. I have most games I'll trade battle field cod all that I need for honour message me SP3CTRE67237

  7. I have NBA 2K17, Titanfall 2, Last of us remastered and some other cool games for gameshare. (PS4) Im looking for overwatch hmu my psn is: JakeTheSnake140

  8. any one want to game share ? I have alot of games ! my psn is the same as this

    assassins creed 4 black flag gold
    batman arkham knight
    battlefield 1
    blood borne dlc only
    cod ghost with season pass
    devil may cry 4
    dragon ball xeboverse with dlc
    dying light
    far cry primal
    grand theft auto 5
    nature storm 4 plus season pass
    resident evil 1
    redefine evil 5
    redefine evil revelation 2
    saints row 4
    star wars battlefront
    the order 1886
    watch dogs

  9. I want for honor I have bo3 infinite warfare mwr ark 7 days just cause 3 battlefield 4 last of us magus 3 with all dlc

  10. I have BO3, Minecraft, Infinite Warfare, Terraria, GTA 5, dlc for SMITE, and Battlefield 1.
    Looking for Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege.
    Don't bother gamesharing with me if you aren't sharing first ;).
    PSN: Aqua_Toitle

  11. anybody wanna gameshare for ps4 i have,b03,rocket league,infinite warfare,battlefield1,2k17,mwr.I know what it fells to be scammed i have been scamed.I am catholic and i dont do that. So i go first looking for gta5 or any other games kik: ilovealexia722, Psn; pepe_ms13

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