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if i use up a 14 day trial gold membership on xbox 360.?


ive got a 14 day trial gold membership for the xbox live. thing is i want to know is will i still have xbox live after the trial ends? or will i have to start paying for xbox live?

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  1. What will happen is your live account will change to silver. You will have access to some features – for example downloding games/demo or iplayer – but you cannot play online or use most of the apps like youtube etc.

    You can pay for gold at anytime, though. You can buy a gold subscription code and redeem that when it suits. You can do this either during your free trial (it just gets added on) or you can leave it till after.

  2. Once your 14 day trail comes to a 14 day end, you will still have Xbox live. You just can’t play multiplayer, or Anything involving “Xbox live Gold”.

    And no you dont have to keep paying after a trial

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