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Is there a way to transfer game files on PS3?


I have a PS3 and I’m creating a new PSN account for a YouTube channel so that people don’t know my personal account. I am going to be playing MW3 on my channel but I don’t want to lose my save file and start over on my new account. Is there any way I can move my game save into my new account? If anyone knows how, please help.

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  1. you can not move saves or online data bwteeen accounts or users , if you kmake a new account you have to start over because its new and has nothing on it , no friends , no saves , no online stats and nothing else

    saves are locked so players can not cheat for trophies or just unlock items by using another users save file so when you try loading your save on another user one of three things happens

    1. the save can’t be loaded at all

    2. the save can be loaded but if you do load it you can not get trophies and can’t save unless you deleet the save and start a new game

    3. the save with either load and not let you save or it won’t load but either way it locks the trophies permenently so even if you delete the save the trophies can not be gotten anymore

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