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PS3 Slim Unboxing – PRICE DROP!


Buy the PS3 Slim here – http://amzn.to/JVLGB8

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I just picked up this Playstation 3 (PS3) Slim at the new lower price of 9. Here are some more details on the console –

PlayStation 3 160GB Entertainment System

It’s more than just a gaming console, the PlayStation 3 is a media powerhouse. It gives you the power to enjoy the hottest games, the latest Blu-ray movies, and the best high-definition viewing experience possible. And with a 160GB hard drive built-in, you’ve got the space to store movies, games, music and so much more. Please Note: PS3 vertical stand not included.

Download, store and access tons of digital content with to the 160GB hard drive
A built-in Blu-ray player lets you enjoy HD movies on your compatible HDTV up to Full HD 1080p resolution
Built-in Wi-Fi
Includes one DualShock 3 wireless controller

PS3 Slim Unboxing - PRICE DROP!

Ps3 Unboxing,New Delhi,India

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  1. Looking back, I wish they had kept the four USB ports. Do you know how many times I needed to charge my phone and charger more than one controller at the same time?? XD

  2. I used to have the same lunatik ipod nano watch band but 3 years ago some seniors in school stole that from me still miss that thing

  3. They fucking sell it for 379$ hey i might buy a ps4 for 399$ 🙁 fuck fuck fuck no money wanted slim super slim sucks they only sell that now if you get the slim they sell it 379

  4. AV : 1 cable for video, 2 cables for audio, MEDIUM quality =>suck
    HDMI : 1 cable for digital, HIGH quality video and audio => Good
    future: in my opinion, 0 cable Blah, blah,…. => surprisingly good

  5. I have ps4 pro… ps4…..ps3 500gb…. ps2 …..xbox 360…Xbox one…. PS vista……. and 34 ps4 games… 32 ps3 games… 22 Xbox games etcc

  6. buddy need help jese tumne ise purchase kiya ab tum isme game khelskte ho? ya kch or kaam krwana rehta h isme!?

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