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Review: Paranautical Activity (Xbox One) – Defunct Games


Review: Paranautical Activity (Xbox One) - Defunct Games


  1. -.- you never mentioned…the music….one of the best aspects…of this game..that makes u pumped

  2. Even with the repetitivity, I saw gameplay of the game and I think I would want to consider a purchase if I get the chance. That`s just my opinion though.

  3. I'm going through psn and already sent u a request for Fenix furia, lots of cool new games. Did I hear wrong but someone said a mp only resident evil was coming out!?

  4. I'm not a fan of these Minecraft style graphics. I understand it's a stylistic choice the developers were going for, but it doesn't appeal to me whatsoever.

  5. How do you crank out so many reviews with such a high level of quality? Do you work alone or higher any editors to help out? Even if you did your work is still impressive!

  6. It's gotta be tough reviewing so many different kinds of games because you can't be a fan of all of them. I know I'm a big fan of this game but I can see why some people might not like it.

    Do you pick which games to review or do you cover everything that comes your way?

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